I hope all of you and your families are well. Hoping also, that you had a nice Easter even though it might have been different.

WOW!!! Monday, April 13 marked a month of not being able to come to school. Many things are different these days; the way you spend your Monday through Fridays – how we can go to stores, how we can’t play with friends or have people come to your house – mom, dad, or big sibling helping you with school work – talking to your teachers via the phone, email, or chat – for some, mom/dad might be working from home – and the list goes on.

Things are different but they aren’t all bad. They are hard to get used to and sometimes make you mad or sad or both…and that’s okay.

Strive to look at the good in all that is different. The good is we have time with mom/dad/sibling(s) that we might not have had before; families might be playing games together more or have started; talking and laughing with family; learning new things about each other; learning how to learn differently; seeing how our community comes together to help each other out when things get tough and how your teachers are working hard to get you materials, but most importantly to see how you are doing.

Yes, again things are different, but I believe out of this we will learn more about ourselves and those around us that is good, and

we will all be greater after.

New material and packets will be coming out next week. Your parents will be receiving information on how packets or computers will be received and how all learning will continue.

I miss everyone dearly. Keep smiling, laughing and enjoying your time with family!

Mrs. Price