Welcome to the Tahquamenon area, where there’s always a good reason to get outdoors.

The Tahquamenon area covers the beautiful land from Naubinway, on the shores of Lake Michigan, to Paradise and Grand Marais on the shores of Lake Superior. On the western side, Curtis, Germfask, and Seney boast beautiful rivers and lakes.

Once here, you can swim, fish, hike, golf, shop, camp, and rest. You’ll be so glad you came.

If you’re looking to unplug, that’ll be easy. Cellular service and Wi-Fi access can be limited up here. If you must connect, you’ll have better luck on AT&T or Verizon networks, and you can find Wi-Fi at some restaurants, like McDonald’s, or at public libraries. The password for the Wi-Fi connection at the Tahquamenon Library in Newberry is usually posted on the window facing Newberry Avenue, which is also M-123. In Curtis, the Curtis Library Wi-Fi is always unlocked, though you’ll have to sit pretty close to the building to catch the signal.

If you’ve come for the wildlife, be sure to visit the Seney Wildlife Refuge near Seney or Oswald’s Bear Ranch north of Newberry. You may see eagles and deer any time, so keep an eye out. Moose sightings are rare, even though Newberry was designated the Moose Capital of the U.P. long ago. If you’re hoping to spot a moose, local outdoor enthusiasts recommend kayaking the Tahquamenon River, where the moose are sometimes seen on the banks.

Looking for more information? Visit the Newberry Area Tourism office at 4947 County Road 460, Newberry, Monday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. You can also visit tahquamenoncountry.com. For after-hours questions, call (906) 287-1962 or email

Enjoy your visit!

Click the cover of the Summer Guide to the Tahquamenon Area to view/download a copy of the guide.