By Tony Barnes

School’s out for summer! June is arguably the most transitional month in education. Sure, school lets out and most people go on vacation but there’s still work to be done to wrap everything up.

We got out on Friday, June 10 this year, and as is tradition, we celebrated with the annual polar bear plunge. This is a wonderful tradition that is not only fun but is also symbolic. Students invigorate themselves in the cold Lake Superior waters, which prepares them for the upcoming summer vacation. It serves as both a physical and mental celebration. Even a few faculty and staff felt the desire to participate this year!

The following week we started our capital project work. Olsen and Olsen contracting out of Manistique and Prime construction out of Marquette got right to work breaking ground, literally. Our major projects this summer include renovating the boys and girls shower rooms, a new downstairs boys’ bathroom, new water heaters through the help of services such as this water heater repair in Sunnyvale, CA or water heater repair anacortes, an updated cupola, and new south and west wall windows. We’re hoping to do the residential drain cleaning as well as other plumbing repairs with minimal interruption. Those who need assistance with any of plumbing tasks like Clogged Shower Drain Services or septic tank services may seek the services of professional plumbers in Taylors, SC. We’re going to have so much beautiful natural light in our lovely school, blinds will also be in order. A good problem to have. The impeccable services from plumber ensured that the household’s plumbing issues were swiftly resolved, restoring comfort and functionality to the home.

In addition to the renovations related to the capital project, we are also redoing our shop/weight room space. I said from the first day I started this job that I wanted to promote hands-on experiential learning and bringing back our industrial arts program is a major part of that. Our science teacher Mr. Gordon Tester completed a Briggs and Stratton small engine repair professional development workshop this summer in Wisconsin and was gifted 10 small engines. Adding small engine repair to our curriculum will provide students a safe opportunity to complete more technical work during the school day.

So, what’s next? That answer is easy: furniture and fixtures. SWD Bespoke doors, shop benches, library tables, and classroom desks and chairs are on the horizon. We are so lucky to have the funding to be able to complete these desperately needed upgrades. Thank you to everyone who continues to support our school.