Michigan in the fall is like a scene out of a painting, and residents across the state are its observers. What better way to appreciate the fall colors than to take a drive down a county road – a very safe outing during the pandemic, with affordable gasoline prices this year.

“Taking a fall color tour down a county road is a great way to spend an afternoon during this unprecedented time,” said Denise Donohue, executive director for the County Road Association (CRA) of Michigan. “Michigan’s colors are among the best in the country, making fall the perfect opportunity to go out and enjoy the state’s natural beauty.”

“This list of ‘don’t miss’ fall color drives reflects the best suggestions from over two dozen county road agencies who know the best color spots in their area,” she said.

Peak viewing conditions are expected from September 20 to October 14, with mid-Michigan, West Michigan and Southeast Michigan all experiencing peak colors in the same week.

Drivers are invited to #LoveFallRoads with a post on CRA’s Facebook page at Facebook.com/micountyroads or on Twitter at @MICountyRoads to let everyone know the best local road spots for Michigan’s fall colors. Be sure to indicate an intersection, the county and the closest city/village in your post.

A map of potential fall color tours is available at uptravel.com/recreation/fall-color-routes, and their eighth tour goes right through Newberry.