Results are in from the annual Frostbite Pike Competition, which was held Saturday, January 29 in Curtis. Winners for the adult group include:

1st: Renne OKonnen, Sr., 10.688 pounds
2nd: Brett Rutherford, 10.434 pounds
3rd: Mason Krupla, 7.064 pounds
4th: Alex Boudreau, 6.666 pounds
5th: Dylan Duberville, 6.580 pounds

Big Walleye: Fred Burton, 4.378 pounds
Big Perch: Mason Krupla, 0.622 pounds
Big Bluegill: Alex Boudreau, 0.330 pounds

Kids group Pike winners included:

1st: Kyle Walther, 3.968 pounds
2nd: Storm Duberville, 3.616 pounds
3rd :Carson Browning, 3.218 pounds
4th: Bennett Newell, 2.972 pounds
5th: Justin Jack, 2.956 pounds

Big Perch: Justin Jack, 0.252 pounds