By Caitlynn Canfield

Monday evening’s meeting of the Tahquamenon Sportsmans Club, which had been widely advertised and was potentially a last-ditch effort to save the club, delivered a large dose of hope.

The meeting, which began had 7 p.m., was attended by dozens of people. That included many who signed up to become new members on the spot, and resoundingly surpassed the five-member audience at last month’s meeting.

The meeting started with approving the minutes of the last meeting, allowing club president Terry Trepanier to discuss last month’s business items of whether the club could continue, and what would be done with its remaining funds if it closed.

Treasurer Chris Derusha spoke about the club’s remaining funds. There is just enough money to continue the supplemental deer program, but there would be no money left over as seed money to host a Whitetails Banquet, an event that helps raise funds for more deer feed.

By the end of the meeting, it was approved to hold the money for the deer feeding program for one year, to put toward the next Whitetails Banquet in hopes of building the fund up to a reasonable amount.

The club discussed the need to build our general club funds as well, because the remaining balance will be spent on utilities on the clubhouse, such as lighting, snow plowing, heat, etc. It was suggested by a new member to delegate some of those tasks to some of the members who have the time and ability to plow or mow grass, instead of paying for someone to do it.

The new membership looks promising, and club leadership thanks everyone who plans to volunteer time with the club.

The club continues to welcome anyone interested to become a new member. More information will be posted to Tahquamenon Sportsmans Club 2022 Facebook page, and the next monthly meeting will be held on September 26.