Lou Bennett and members of the Tahquamenon Sportsmen’s Club recently traveled to L’Anse to meet with members of Hunter Nation to discuss managing the gray wolf population and sustain the Upper Peninsula deer herds.

Bennett said the meeting was smaller than the recent meeting held in Newberry, but that the groups will support each other going forward in the effort to cut down the wolf population.

“We stood up and spoke our piece,” Bennett said. “They said they were super glad we’d come that far. There were more farmers up there who had complaints of cattle being eaten.”

Bennett at the Tahquamenon Sportsmen’s Club also wrote an open letter to several high-profile recipients, including Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, asking for their help in preserving the deer herd.

They’re expecting a vote to remove the gray wolf from federal protection status sometime this year. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Federation has completed a study and gathered public feedback on the wolves, which now far outnumber the minimum number needed to be a stable population.