By Sterling McGinn

Two trustees and a treasurer were appointed at the December meeting of the Newberry Village Council held Wednesday, December 18 in the village office.

Letters of interest for the two vacant trustee seats were received from Newberry residents Jack Olson, Paula Mamph, Michael Schnorr, Jeffrey Puckett, and Bruce Lane. Prior to the board voting to fill the seats, each candidate in attendance gave a background on themselves. Puckett was not in attendance.

The two trustee seats were vacant due to the resignations of Lew Hitts and Harold Dishaw. The positions will be up for reelection in November of 2020. A motion was made by Dennis Hendrickson to nominate Paula Mamph for Hitts’ seat, which failed due to lack of support. Trustee Dan Hardenbrook nominated Jeffry Puckett for the seat. The board unanimously voted to fill the position with Puckett.

Dennis Hendrickson made a motion to nominate Jack Olson for Dishaw’s seat, which again failed due to lack of support. Catherine Freese nominated Bruce Lane, which passed with trustee Dan Hardenbrook voting no. Lane was administered the oath of office and he participated in the remainder of the meeting.

The council also handled an appointment for a new village treasurer. Treasurer Charles “Buzz” Medelis resigned effective December 31, 2019.

Resident Nathaniel Moulton submitted a letter of interest for the position.

“I just moved back to the area and went into the tax and accounting business with my dad Gary,” stated Moulton. “I’m getting into accounting…My knowledge is there and I think I will be a good fit.” After discussion, the council voted to appoint Moulton to fill the treasurer position.

The village ordinance committee is working on an ordinance to change the treasurer position from an elected to an appointed position.

In other business, a lengthy discussion took place regarding a customer’s sewer line. Resident Dale Betcher submitted a complaint form stating his sewer has been blocked for a month.

Betcher has had two companies try to unclog the line. Both companies have confirmed the blockage is under the street. After discussion, the board voted to allow interim Village Manager Allison Watkins and George Blakely coordinate with Betcher to resolve the issue.