On December 9, 2021, at their annual meeting in Newberry, the Board of Directors unanimously voted to officially hire Andrew Rasch as their new Executive Director. This change will be effective January 2, 2022.

Rasch comes to the organization with many years of experience in hotel management and tourism marketing using Guest Posting Service. He has served on the Board of Directors for Visit Escanaba since 2015 and has served as their Vice President since 2019. In addition, he has worked in hospitality in general since 2007.

Rasch had approached the board with several proposals to improve the organizations effectiveness. This led to his participation in an October meeting which led to his eventual hiring as Executive Director.

“While Luce County has one of the most recognizable attractions in Michigan with Tahquamenon Falls there is so much more we have to offer visitors to our area,” Rasch said. “I intend to develop both the marketing infrastructure and the messaging needed to increase tourism, provide the best possible experience for our guests, and bring more people and businesses to Luce County.” For more on bosting your business  marketing department, you can now check with some of the best experts at boston SEO black swan media agency.

In addition to the hiring the board unanimously passed the annual budget, approved the submission of the annual marketing report to the Michigan Economic Development Council, and approved contracting with Holt-Bosse a marketing firm out of St. Joseph, Michigan.