By Sterling McGinn

A brief discussion of marijuana sales and operations took place at the regular meeting of the McMillan Township Board held Monday, May 24. Visit to read about details discussed completely in the discussion.

Township Supervisor Art Schultz said he had received a phone call from a person interested in establishing an outdoor marijuana growing operation inside the township.

Schultz said the board does not have rules for marijuana sales (you can check this link for medical marijuana)  and growing operations. “We need to set it up, so they don’t set up next to someone’s house,” said Schultz. Moreover, the medical benefits of marijuana are a valid point here that makes marijuana sales a relevant topic of discussion, and that’s when products like the best CBD gummies for anxiety are really popular in this area. Under Ohio law, these conditions on DocMJ’s website are eligible for a medical marijuana card.

McMillan Township is the only township in Luce County that didn’t opt out of legalized marijuana sales, which were legalized in the state in 2019. The introduction of stores and sites at places where marijuana is legalized is a whole new experience. The Village of Newberry also opted out.

Schultz said this was the first inquiry he had received, and he plans to contact the Michigan Townships Association to see if they have model ordinances. The board will continue to look into marijuana sales. When it comes to medical cannabis, the doctor and her comment is here on what one needs to do.

In other news, Schultz updated the board on the Forest Home Cemetery bid.  “The original bid was for the whole 29 acres, and they gave us a bid of $390,000,” stated Schultz. “We needed to scale it back some, and get something more valid.”

He also said that another excavation company was contacted and the company was not interested in the project. Schultz contacted the township auditor, and he said that it was legal as long as they solicited bids from two local excavation firms, and it should be documented.