With contributions from Carol Stiffler

Nine U.P. counties are about to receive some pretty dope payments from the state of Michigan.

On Tuesday, the Michigan Department of Treasury announced that more than $59.5 million is being shared among 224 municipalities and 64 counties within Michigan as part of the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act.

Michigan made adult marijuana use legal in 2018, after voters passed the act allowing anyone age 21 and up to possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana and grow up to 12 plants at home.

Over the next few days, 81 cities, 26 villages, 53 townships and 64 counties will receive payments from the Marihuana Regulation Fund. For the state of Michigan’s 2022 fiscal year, this means each eligible municipality and county will receive more than $51,800 for every licensed retail store and microbusiness located within its jurisdiction.

“Municipalities and counties will begin seeing these payments appear in their banking accounts,” State Treasurer Rachael Eubanks said. “Through a partnership, the dollars received from the adult-use marijuana taxes and fees are distributed to our participating communities.”

Aside from the more than $59.5 million in disbursements to municipalities and counties, $69.4 million was sent to the School Aid Fund for K-12 education and another $69.4 million to the Michigan Transportation Fund.

In total, more than $1.8 billion in adult-use marijuana sales was reported for Fiscal Year 2022.

The amount shared per licensed marijuana retail store or microbusiness for 2022 is $51,841.21. Payments are given both to the city, village, or township where the store stands, and the county receives a matching payment for each dispensary within its borders. The per-license total is lower this year, having been $56,453.44 per shop last year.

Nine U.P. counties have at least one dispensary, with Baraga, Keweenaw, Luce, Mackinac, Menominee, and Ontonagon not participating at this time. Here’s how the money is being distributed in participating U.P. counties:


Alger County: $155,523.63
Munising City: $155,523.63
Total: $311,047.26

Chippewa County: $311,047.26
DeTour Village: $51,841.21
Sault Ste. Marie: $259,206.05
Total: $622,094,52

Delta County: $51,841.21
Nahma Township: $51,841.21
Total: $103,682.42

Dickinson County: $103,682.42
Iron Mountain: $103,682.42
Total: $207,364.84

Gogebic County: $103,682.42
Ironwood: $103,682.42
Total: $207,364.84

Houghton County: $207,364.84
Houghton City: $155,523.63
Portage Township (Houghton County): $51,841.21
Total: $414,729.68

Iron County: $207,364.84
Crystal Falls: $103,682.42
Iron River: $51,841.21
Mastadon Township: $51,841.21
Total: $414,729.68

Marquette County: $622,094.52
Forsyth Township: $51,841.21
Marquette City: $207,364.84
Marquette Township: $103,682.42
Negaunee Township: $103,682.42
Republic Township: $51,841.21
Sands Township: $103,682.42
Total: $1,244,189.04

Schoolcraft County: $51,841.21
Mueller Township: $51,841.21
Total: $103,682.42

Statewide totals

$29,756,854.54 in city, village or township distributions
$29,756,854.54 in county distributions
Total counties participating: 64
Total licenses in Michigan: 574
Total adult use marijuana distributions $59,513,709.08