By Sterling McGinn

To comply with regulations from EGLE (Environment Great Lakes and Energy), the Luce and Mackinac County Commissioners held a joint meeting in Newberry on Monday, March 4 regarding the much-contested dam and water levels on Big Manistique Lake.

Nearly 50 concerned lake residents and other members of the public packed the Luce County Courtroom that evening to hear a presentation and express concerns.

Both boards voted to pass a resolution that evening creating a delegated authority to operate the Big Manistique Lake dam. The authority will include seven individuals: one commissioner from each county, a representative appointed by the Lakefield and Portage Township boards, and three individuals who own property on the lake or have deeded access to the lake. The three individuals will need to apply for the committee. The committee members will be elected to a term of 4 years with expirations on a staggered basis.

Watch for a more detailed article next week.