By Sterling McGinn

Newberry Village Trustee Bruce Lane resigned in advance of the council’s Jan. 21 monthly meeting, less than a month after his appointment. Lane announced his decision to the council in a letter, which was received before the meeting and entered into the council’s minutes.

Lane was appointed during the Dec. 18 monthly council meeting, filling a vacancy left by former trustee Harold Dishaw. Lane would have faced reelection in November.

The council approved a resolution to officially announce the vacancy.

In other motions:

* Council members appointed a mediation team for the Pentland Township dispute over the area’s water treatment plant. Village attorney Jeff Jocks was present to discuss the litigation in closed session. Following closed session, the board voted to appoint the mediation team including Allison Watkins, George Blakely, Lori Stokes and Dennis Hendrickson with Jeff Puckett as the alternate.

A motion was made for interim village manager Allison Watkins to move forward with writing a proposal for state funds to cover costs and training for a company to clean up and organize village ordinances.

* During the committee reports, an update was given on the 41 Lumber building project. The committee proposed building a maintenance building south of the original site rather than utilizing the original cement pad. It was determined that it would be cost prohibitive to build on the existing cement pad due to potential drainage and slope issues. The council approved two motions moving ahead with the project with a change of building on the original site, and a motion for a site to be determined between East McMillan and East Victory allowing room for snow removal and public use of property for events.

* Fire chief John Wendt and Bruce Klusmeyer were present to inform the council on needed repairs to the ladder truck.

“Every year all of our ladders are inspected for government standards and rules,” explained Klusmeyer. “It had a slow hydraulic leak on the ladder and it’s to the point where it can’t be passed.” Two estimates from two different companies for the mechanical and fire side of the vehicle were received. “Both entities said that for 1987, the vehicle it in very good condition,” he said. The truck was on a Marine Corp. base in South Carolina and was acquired through a grant from the DNR.  The board approved the funds for repairs up to $19,220.

* Other business that evening included paying routine monthly village utility bills, the purchase of a computer and software for a supervisory control and data acquisition well monitoring system and discussion on the Water System Assessment Program Plan.