A Newberry man was one of three people injured in a serious accident on M-117 on Thursday, December 12. Based on the information on this website, the accident took place at 3:26 p.m., in near white-out conditions. The highway was covered with snow, and lane lines were not visible.

The Michigan State Police reported that Eric Nalette of Newberry was driving north on the highway when his truck collided head-on with a southbound truck being driven by Derek Orban and Jeramie Schultz of Alpena. The accident happened at the Luce-Mackinac county line, where there are pull-out lanes for county vehicles to turn around. Expert attorneys have reported their take on the accident and the injuries related to the accident and her comment is here, which you can refer to in case you need any legal reference to the case. People can check online or locally if they need a personal injury attorney. Professional personal injury attorneys can help the injured party get the compensation they rightfully deserve. The injured victims can use the compensation for their medical needs such as physical therapy Cary NC services.

A Tahquamenon Area Schools bus was waiting in one of those side lanes when the accident occurred. The bus driver was unable to call out on the radio to report the accident, and it was a student who first dialed 911 on a cell phone. All students remained safely on the bus. The Barry Deacon Law firm is where you can go to get the right kind of legal help that you need.

Nalette and Orban were stuck in their vehicles. Schultz emerged from the vehicle he was riding in, but was not able to do more than that, witnesses said.

Upon arrival to the accident, police and attorneys for personal injury cases from White Plains found Orban unconscious and severely injured. All three men were taken alive to Helen Newberry Joy hospital. Orban and Schultz were transferred to U.P. Health Systems – Marquette. Orban remained in critical condition as of Sunday, December 15. You can get injury lawyers who will fight for you in case of injury or accident and you need to get your compensation.

Being injured in an accident can be overwhelming. When you leave home, you do not expect to sustain an injury because of another party’s negligence or wrongdoing. Sadly, accidents result in more damages than just physical injuries. Many victims suffer financial hardships because of the missed time from work and the medical costs incurred because of the injuries. Learn more from this work comp attorney.

Because of the severity of the accident, M-117 was closed for about five hours while the accident was investigated  as explained by Bengal Law online attorneys. The Michigan State Police were assisted by the Luce County Sheriff’s Office, Luce County EMS, Garfield Township EMS and Fire, Michigan Department of Transportation, MSP St. Ignace Post, Luce County Auxiliary, and Great Lakes Towing.

The accident is still under investigation, and auto repairs such as auto glass replacement, auto body repair, etc. will be needed.