Helen Newberry Joy Hospital and Healthcare Center (HNJH) is excited to announce the significant improvement projects, made possible by a generous allocation of $7.3 million through the state budget. This substantial investment will enhance the patient experience and enable the delivery of seamless, effective, and high-quality healthcare services.

These funds are earmarked for advancing healthcare infrastructure and improving patient care. The project will focus on several departmental enhancements, further strengthening HNJH’s commitment to serving the healthcare needs of the community and surrounding area.

“We are fortunate to have great representation through our local legislators and truly appreciate the priority set forth by the state to invest in rural healthcare,” said Hunter Nostrant, president & CEO of HNJH.

“Caring for our communities has always been at the heart of our mission, and receiving these state budget funds to enhance our organization is a monumental step forward,” Nostrant said. “This investment enables us to remodel and upgrade various departments, reinforcing our commitment to providing a facility that aligns with the exceptional quality of care our teams deliver.”

The plan includes a remodel and state-of-the-art upgrades to the Gibson Family Health Clinic, expanding the behavioral health space and addiction services, which treat substance use disorders. Included in the upgraded facility will be a new therapeutic environment which will significantly increase the effectiveness of lives changed in the battle against mental health disorders.

The project will expand the operating room to allow for a wider variety of exceptional services and creating a restructured space within our central processing area to service our patients more efficiently.

There will be an inpatient area upgrade providing single-occupancy inpatient rooms allowing visitors to accompany patients and private bathrooms with private showers.

HNJH Long Term Care facility, Golden Leaves Living Center, will be remodeled, giving Golden Leaves Living Center a fresh new look and accomplishing a welcoming home environment feel for our beloved residents. There will be a new four-season space which will allow for more room for activities and will give residents some outdoor exposure in winter months.

The exterior building wall and the HNJH parking lots will be completely redone, breathing new life and convenience to the overall experience at HNJH.

The funds will upgrade the Pharmacy Clean Room providing a negative pressure room that allows for an effective and safe environment to compound hazardous drugs. HNJH is committed to patient safety and an upgraded clean room provides for delivery of high-quality medicines.

These enhancements will enable the hospital to streamline medical procedures and enhance patient comfort, ultimately fostering a more efficient and personalized healthcare experience for all.

HNJH remains committed to delivering compassionate, patient-centered care and is deeply appreciative of the state’s recognition and support in the journey to a higher standard of healthcare.

About Helen Newberry Joy Hospital and Healthcare Center:

Helen Newberry Joy Hospital and Healthcare Center (HNJH) is a leading healthcare institution dedicated to providing exceptional medical services to the community. Located in Newberry, MI, HNJH offers a comprehensive range of healthcare services, from primary care and specialized treatments to long-term care.