Our township is facing a possible crisis from which there would be no coming back. Township Board members have stated that except for Ed Auge, none of them intend to run for another term. There seems to be a consensus that there won’t be enough people interested in running for the vacated offices and Columbus Township will have to be “absorbed” by another township; Lakefield is most often mentioned.

Several months ago, they asked the Michigan Township Association if this is possible and how they would go about doing it. Fortunately, they were advised that it is premature to be going down that road at that time.

These positions are all paid monthly, ranging from approximately $105 for trustees to $500 for treasurer and clerk. Although there currently are none, the clerk and treasurer are authorized to have “deputies”, which I understand would be paid (if they attend the monthly meetings) $45 per month plus have an opportunity for an additional hourly wage of approximately $15 an hour (estimated to be 10 hours a month).

If you are at all interested in assuring our township survives, please contact Don Leech, Columbus Township Clerk.

Laura Generou
Concerned Resident