By Jim Diem

I’ve been listening to the “Storytime with Sterling” podcasts over the past month. They deal with all sorts of information about the history of Newberry. Everything from there was never a swimming pool in the basement of the high school, to the downtown Christmas Bells along Newberry Avenue, to how Newberry got its name, to the latest how electricity came to the village. His podcasts can be found on the Newberry News webpage ( or on the Newberry News Face Book page.

They have made me nostalgic for the 30 years my family has lived there. I will always consider Newberry to be my home even though we are in the process of selling our house on W. Truman Ave. It was very convenient to be just blocks away from the Helen Newberry Joy Hospital, the school, IGA, the post office, and the office at the Newberry News. It was also a short drive to Mac’s Market, Ace Hardware and Newberry Motors. I miss living in Newberry — even with dealing with the snow levels. Elyria just does not have the same convenience. I need to drive everywhere I need to go. Plus there is no sense of community spirit; no parades for Homecoming, July 4th, or triumphant sports teams. There are no Christmas decorations on main street (I don’t even know if there is a main street). People I have known in Newberry always ask me how I like living in Elyria and my answer is always the same, “It’s a nice place to visit but…” I have to leave it hanging.

I have to admit it was good to be able to spend time with my brother John who came to the Cleveland Clinic for surgery before he passed away.  The clinic is where my Parkinson’s doctor practices, which is one of the reasons we bought a house in Elyria (it is only 15 miles to the clinic). We also have relatives in the Cleveland area, which was the main reason.

We also have a home on Big Manistique Lake where we are able spend six months of the year. So we are not entirely devoid of the Upper Peninsula experience and we are able to visit with our U.P. friends. I’m looking forward to May to cure my 906 fever and hopefully stay away from COVID-19.

Go Browns.