By Pete Wurdock

At the beginning of the 2022-23 school year, 6th grade teacher Lynn Evans presented the 40 Book Challenge to her students. By the end of the year, 24 of 33 children (plus Evans herself) completed the challenge, for a total of 75% completion.

The class borrowed 1,240 books from the library, and they collectively read 1,807 books total. This averaged out to just over 10 books a day throughout the 180 day school year.

The reading list for the challenge included a wide variety of genres consisting of poetry, traditional literature, realistic fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, science fiction, mystery, informational, and autobiography, biography and memoir.

In addition to the assigned genres, there was also room for them to choose their own books. They regularly discussed their progress one-on-one with Mrs. Evans.

Some notable finishes were Brayden Thomasson with 306 books read and Armonee Roblero-Langrick with 107 books.

The top readers in the class encouraged some of the students who weren’t as far along in the challenged and recommended books to their peers. By trying the different genres and finding something they like, it eventually connected them to other genres making their yearning for words on a page even greater.

Congratulations to Mrs. Evans and her fine class of readers. See you next year!