By Pete Wurdock

Since Rob Stein became the owner of Pine Stump Cook Shack and Saloon Style Drinkery, he has made significant progress in bringing more events that bolster tourism to the area. In addition to the annual Trout and Deer Tournaments Pine Stump already hosts, his restaurant is introducing the first annual Pine Stump Vintage Snowmobile Show.

Through his efforts and success of these events Stein is proving Pine Stump is not just a stop along the trail, but a destination. “Throughout the year as we add events like this, we try to be the place everyone wants to go,” Stein commented.

The inaugural show will take place on Saturday, March 18 and it’s free – both to register a sled and attend. Food and beverages will be available at Pine Stump. Registration takes place from 9-10 a.m., with the show and casual rides from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Awards will be presented at 2 p.m., followed by a short group ride for anyone who is interested.

There are three rounds of judging, and six trophies will be awarded in by Stein, his staff, and the event spectators. Categories are set at pre-1969 sleds and 1969-or-newer sleds. There will also be a trophy for the youngest exhibitor and oldest exhibitor.

The event will commence no matter what the weather brings. Stein’s cabins are already booked for the weekend, but he encouraged people to keep their plans. The trail that runs through Newberry was not in ideal condition as of press time.

“But, for a 20-minute drive from Newberry, you can trailer up to the good snow and head back to town when you’re done,” Stein said. “We’ve got a lot with plenty of room for parking.”
Donations to the Top of the Lake Snowmobile Club Museum in Naubinway and the Tahquamenon Area Snowmobiler Association (TASA) will be encouraged.

“Trail Groomers are the heroes of winter in the UP,” Stein emphasized. “They work hard to maintain the trails for everyone’s enjoyment.” Attendees can get their picture taken with the groomers as well as the Sherp Amphibious Vehicle, which was a new addition to Pine Stump last year.

Under Stein’s management, Pine Stump is becoming a destination on its own. On Saturday, Stein and his crew are also introducing authentic U.P. homemade pasties. which may stay on the menu year-round, in addition to the pizza that has already made them famous.

Historic Pine Stump Cook Shack and Saloon Style Drinkery
23583 County Road 407, Newberry, MI
(906) 658-3364
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