By Dan Hardenbrook

The final sports season of the school year officially started this week, as spring sports teams began practices.  The track team has their sights set on accomplishing big things, but needs the community’s help to get there. The Newberry Boys and Girls Varsity Track teams will be hosting a Burger Bash fundraiser to help raise funds for several needed items as they continue to prepare for their upcoming competitions.

The Burger Bash will take place Wednesday March 20th from 4-7pm at the Newberry Elks Lodge. The cost for each meal will be $8. Community members can dine in locally or pick up to go orders. Delivery will also be available for larger group orders. To place orders you can contact the Newberry Elks Lodge on the day of the event at (906)-293-8321.

Newberry’s track programs are trying to overcome recent cuts to the athletic department budget. The cost for teams to participate and operate is now higher than ever. Teams are now responsible for covering the cost of referees, all transportation or travel costs associated with the sport, and in some cases, tournament or event entry fees.

The track teams will also be required to cover the costs of lodging expenses for both the boys and the girls for the U.P. Finals, which are held in Kingsford and feature an early arrival time to the facility on the morning of one of the biggest individual events in Upper Peninsula High School Sports. The hope is to cover expenses that families or athletes can’t cover on their own, while also replacing outdated equipment or items that need to be upgraded.