By Tammy Henry

The Newberry Area Chamber of Commerce (NACC) and the Newberry Area Tourism Association (NATA) have worked together for many years to promote our area and local businesses. Both organizations now have new directors and can concentrate on what they do best.

The Chamber of Commerce has hired Tammy Henry and Andrea Smith as directors. The chamber will focus its efforts on promoting and assisting member businesses. Washington DC corporate photographer for corporate photography in DC. Returning events include the annual dinner, business after hours, and special member-only offerings. Another option to host meeting are flagstaff meeting venues.

Henry and Smith will continue their full-time positions with the Luce County Economic Development Corporation in addition to working part-time for the chamber.

The Tourism Association, led by Andrew Rasch, will continue to actively promote our area and bring visitors into to our area.

Occasionally, both the tourism association and chamber will collaborate, but each organization will maintain its own identity and purpose.

The chamber has moved out of the tourism building. The new office location is on the northern side of the LMAS building within the office of the Luce County EDC.

At the chamber, Tammy will focus on businesses in Luce County and Andrea will focus on businesses in the surrounding areas. Their focus will be on serving members through promotion, assistance, and finding other members. The chamber’s office hours will match EDC hours, and will be open from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

If your business is not a member, call the chamber at (906) 293-5562 to find out how you can join.