By Sterling McGinn

U.P. Goodies and Gifts has reopened under a new name and has a new location. The Luce Moose Mercantile opened its doors to customers on Monday, February 6 in a building located at 1004 Newberry Avenue. The building was occupied by Barrett Service tires for many years.

Though the name and location of the gift shop has changed, the store is still owned by longtime Newberry resident Tonya Johnson, who originally opened her store in conjunction with her tax service on West Avenue C in 2019.

The store was eventually relocated to a house directly behind the Ice Cream Bandits parking lot until she decided to relocate again.

Johnson has retired from doing taxes but wanted to expand her gift shop business. “We wanted a bigger space with more opportunity,” said Johnson. “Hopefully we can expand and who knows what.”

Her store features U.P. embroidery items, a large selection of candles, gifts, and a little bit of sporting goods.

“You will never know what you are going to find in here,” she said. “If I find it, and like it, I will grab it.”

Customers can also find jewelry, toys and homemade baked goods.

“My mom does the baked goods—Dot’s Delights,” Johnson said. “We have sweatshirts, makeup, and I love the U. P. stuff.”

Though there are no definite plans for the back portion of the store, Johnson does plan to remodel the old garage area for possible expansion. “Expansion is definitely in the future,” she said. “My dad does wood working, it is just a matter of getting it up and going back there.”

Luce Moose Mercantile is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.