Greetings to all our friends and neighbors,

We are all going through difficult, unexpected, and disturbing times in our history at the local and national levels. News and events come faster than we can keep up with, and each of us is affected by it one way or another. As we face this challenge, Newberry can count on our strength: working together. This tight-knit community has proven time and again that standing together and perseverance get the job done. It’s time to do our part to support each other, preserve our safety, and save our lives.

Although I know it is difficult, it is necessary to follow recommendations in the Stay Home, Stay Safe order from Governor Whitmer by staying home as much as possible and avoiding social encounters. These are procedures that are difficult, but necessary.

Our mission is now simple: to help reduce and prevent the spread of the virus.

These actions are essential to help keep the most vulnerable groups safe and maintain the ability of our health systems to take care of patients. Failure to commit to those actions could lead to the collapse of our strong health care system.

Our Village staff continue to coordinate with other municipalities, utility service providers, and local and state officials. This situation has proven to change from hour to hour, and we continue to adapt to our guidance. What I can tell you is that we are committed to providing important services and reliable information no matter how long this response may take. I know it’s hard, but I also know that we can face the challenge. Take care of yourself, take care of your family and neighbors. Express your gratitude to the health and services workers and other front-line workers at this time.

I appreciate the efforts our community members have taken to support each other during this challenging time. If you need to be out to complete essential tasks, I encourage you to utilize local businesses and services.

Thank you for your patience and perseverance. As we continue further into the unknown, the staff at the Village will do what we can to assist you during these unprecedented times.


Allison Watkins,
Interim Village Manager