By Sarah F. Pleiman

Terrie Slack was born in Britton, a small village in southeast Michigan. When she was in 6th grade her family decided to move to Engadine, where her parents bought the McKelvey store north of town and renamed it McMichael’s Merchandise. Terrie graduated from Engadine High School and has proudly raised a son and a daughter in Engadine. She believes that the Upper Peninsula is “the best place to raise a family.” The best vacation Terrie has ever taken was to Daytona Speedweek with her kids when they were younger. A close second would be a trip out west to Utah to visit the National Parks. Her favorite part was making memories with her family.

Terrie and her husband, Jeff, have several pets, all of whom they have rescued. These pets include a goat named Peanut and two horses, Dixie and Dakota. Horses are Terrie’s passion. “With God’s grace, I will have a horse my entire life,” she told me. Her best way to spend the weekend is on a horse in the woods. Her favorite book as a child was The Black Stallion and now is The Shack.

Terrie thinks that a skill everyone should have is to be resourceful, a very helpful one for everyone living in God’s country. The best piece of advice she’s ever received is to “put yourself in someone else’s shoes.” There’s a lot that can be learned by simply changing your perspective.