Nicole Butkovich grew up in Engadine, the firstborn child in her small family of four. She fondly remembers the small-town feel, and loves that she grew up knowing everybody around her. Forming connections with the other families in such a rural community was her favorite part of growing up there. Nikki graduated from Lake State University in 2008 after earning her degree in nursing. She started working at Helen Newberry Joy Hospital in 2011 as a clinic nurse, and is still working in the Gibson Family Health Clinic today.

Nikki still lives in Engadine, and her favorite way to spend a Saturday is curled up with a good book. Her favorite series is the “Chesapeake Bay” series by Nora Roberts. While she loves reading a variety of books, she also dreams of taking a vacation across the ocean. Egypt isn’t a place many people think of when considering a dream vacation, but that country is Nikki’s first choice. The best vacation she’s already taken was to San Diego, California.

If Nikki had one hour to spend on a bench with anyone in the world, she would choose to talk to her grandma again. Though her grandma passed away several years ago, Nikki still misses talking to her and spending time with her.

Nikki still admires her grandma’s adaptation to independence after her husband died. “She was able to still go out and buy things, and really showed me that it’s okay to do what you want to do, and enjoy it,” she said.