By Sarah Pleiman

Mary Kitzman is a wonderful lady with a beautiful, infectious laugh. She grew up in Ontonagon, Michigan before moving to Newberry with her husband in 1988. Her husband was hired to be a police officer for the village of Newberry, and Mary started her career in the court system as a matron.

She is currently the office manager for the Luce County Sheriff’s office, and she loves how every day at her job is different.

“No day is exactly the same, that’s the best part,” she told me. “There’s never a dull moment,” she said with a laugh. Mary loves her job, and she has fond memories of working and laughing with Cricket Keinonen.

Outside of work, Mary used to enjoy hunting, but doesn’t usually go out now. She also enjoys singing. She was a worship leader for 15 years, and is working to teach herself how to play piano. Her favorite hymn is “In the Garden,” a timeless classic. Mary has 14 grandchildren, and would love to have more time to spend with them. She was an absolute joy to speak with, and definitely someone worth getting to know.