Candidate for 108th state representative

By Carol Stiffler

Menominee businessman Mark Simon is seeking his first public office, declaring himself a Republican candidate for Michigan’s 108th district representative. The district is currently held by Rep. Beau LaFave, who is running for Secretary of State.

Simon said he is running not on a platform, but a pledge to “listen, execute, and solve”. A husband to Heidi, a father of two and grandfather of two, Simon says is seeking the office after being approached by Jack Bergman and asked to consider running. He agreed because he wants to “make a difference.”

“I’m not doing this for political advancement. I’m not doing it for money, I’m not doing it for recognition,” he said. “I will not seek any kind of office after this.”

Simon has owned several businesses during his career, and has served as a volunteer fireman. Currently, he is a sales consultant at Koehne Chevrolet in Marinette, and the U.P. Sports Hall of Fame chairman.

Simon says he stands for election integrity, the second amendment, natural resources, and backing law enforcement.

He is pro Line 5, supports a wolf hunt, and says he is “very strong” in his pro-life stance.

Simon, who stands 6-foot-7-inches tall, sees an advantage there and said he has always been a “winner”.

“I’m a big voice,” he said. “I’m a big guy for a big job. I will make sure I don’t get bullied around in Lansing. I will take care of everyone in this district.”

One of his proudest life decisions occurred when he left a job where he earned $60,000 a year to work with a special needs student for $8.29 an hour.

“I thought it was the right thing to do. I’m doing the same thing now. I’m trying to do the right thing, and it doesn’t involve any kind of financial gain,” he said.

“If I’m lucky enough to win this election, that’ll be great,” Simon said. “If I don’t, then I get to continue on with a real comfortable life of being a grandpa.”

Simon is joined in the Republican race by fellow Menominee resident Casey Hoffman, businessman Dave Prestin, and Kurt Perron of Brimley. The sole Democratic candidate is Chris Lopez of Escanaba.