From the Newberry Correctional Facility

On behalf of Warden Curley, please join us in congratulating Corrections Officer Willerd Gehrett for being selected as our 2024 Corrections Officer of the Year for the Newberry Correctional Facility.

Officer Gehrett began his career with the Michigan Department of Corrections in October of 2016. He at the Chippewa Correctional Facility and transferred to the Newberry Correctional Facility in November of 2017.

Officer Gehrett is described by his peers and supervisors as having rigorous honesty and integrity each and every day. When assigned to new staff to be trained and mentored, he shares his knowledge and professionalism in all aspects of the job. Officer Gehrett is friendly, patient, and provides training consistent with the facility and the MDOC’s policy and procedures, vision, and goals. Officer Gehrett maintains a calm, professional demeaner while enforcing facility rules and dealing with emergency situations and unusual circumstances.

Officer Gehrett takes pride in his uniform and appearance. Officer Gehrett is a valuable member of the NCF team and is primarily assigned to Housing Unit 7, where he ensures the smooth and safe operation of the unit, and completes his work properly and in a timely manner.

Officer Gehrett has volunteered for additional training and in doing so, has been able to serve the facility in a variety of roles. Officer Gehrett is currently handgun qualified which allows him to lead prisoner transportations. Officer Gehrett also assists with GPS installations for the paroling prisoners.

Officer Gehrett has served as a member of the Employee Epic Committee and currently serves as a Peer Support Person for the Newberry Correctional Facility. In addition to his strong work ethic and volunteer work for the facility, Officer Gehrett shows a strong commitment and dedication to his community as a volunteer at the Engadine Consolidated Schools where he has served as a coach and referee for the Youth Soccer Program.

Thank you, Will, for all you do!