By Sterling McGinn

The McMillan Township Board approved and hired a local excavation company to begin the work of expanding Forest Home Cemetery in Newberry.

The decision was made at the April meeting of the township board. There are 29 to 30 acres of undeveloped land to the south of the cemetery. The matter was first discussed briefly at the March meeting of the township, but no action was taken.

Kevin Brow and Sons Excavating presented a bid to the township board. Their bid to complete the expansion included clearing, leveling, and topsoil for 27 100-by-100 foot lots. The township will be charged $6,000 per lot, and $4,000 per acre beyond finished lots, which does not include gravel or topsoil.

The township decided that the expansion would not include all 29 to 30 acres of undeveloped land.

Trees will be removed and the land will be cleared. Once the work is completed, new Cedar Fence Direct lattice work fencing will be installed in the back portion. Water lines will also be installed.

The expansion would allow for approximately 3,888 new gravesites, according to the board.

At the April board meeting, a discussion took place regarding whether or not the project needed to have other bids. McMillan Township supervisor Art Schultz indicated he would contact the township auditor to find out if one bid is legal. A motion was then made to proceed with the bid as long as it was legal.

The News reached out to Art Schultz for further information, but we were not able to make contact.

The project is estimated to be completed this fall.