By Pete Wurdock

The Newberry Fire Department (NFD) started making the rounds last week to install smoke detectors for residents of Newberry free of charge.

The program, which has been available to Newberry residents for the last three years, was made possible due to a grant from FEMA as well as support from the Red Cross. The NFD is a volunteer organization.

Three trucks with crews installed detectors in 13 residences.

“This is another service we are providing for the community to keep everybody safe,” said firefighter Jason Tokar. “That’s what we’re here for.”

Currently there is a waiting list of approximately seven houses who have requested this service. Once those are completed, any resident who missed out on this opportunity can contact the NFD through their Facebook page to ask for assistance. The opportunity will last while smoke detectors available.

Reach out to the Newberry Fire Department via Facebook at