The Curtis 4-H Civic Club met in October to continue learning about Curtis Civic Clubs and how they themselves as a club can be of service. Jeffrey Peterson, Zoey Hoadley, Elaina Costa, River and Pearl Martindale, Emery Donovan, and Felicity Kuehl met for six weeks. During those six weeks the club began painting the Portage Township Park spectator bleachers, helped the Woman’s Club pack their trick-or-treat giveaway bags for their annual Halloween party, and planted 270 spring flower bulbs in the 4-H garden.

The club was granted permission to use the garden behind Marcy’s Pantry by the Erickson family. They plan to plant flowers, vegetables, and pumpkins in the spring to sell as fundraisers for their club and donate to Marcy’s Pantry.

Abby Palmer, MSU Extension Educator, provided an educational workshop on flower arrangement. The students learned how to arrange flowers and make boutonnieres. Abby will return in the spring to teach the club how to cut and package their cut flowers they plan to sell in the spring and summer months.

Another guest to the club was Lynn Kihm from the Women’s Club, who talked about the civic services they provide to the community and then graciously helped the club plant the bulbs.

Plans for the spring and summer will be to finish the painting the bleachers at the ball field, forage for edible wild plants, plant and maintain the 4-H garden and participate in and help other civic and community projects and programs.

The youth thank Mackinac County 4-H Leader Ethel Wells for volunteering and spearheading the Curtis Civic Club. We wish her a healthy and happy winter in her home state of Indiana.