By Brian Freitag
TASPL Director

I have had multiple dogs in my life since I was almost coordinated enough to walk. Being owned by a dog is an incredibly rewarding experience for heart and soul.

I recently adopted a Newfoundland dog from the Luce County Animal Shelter who is my endeared, massive Velcro shadow.

There are many paintings, drawings and prints which reflect the awesome bond between humans and their canine companions. Epitaph to a Dog by Lord Byron is an incredible work of poetic artistry which contrasts the spirit and character of dog and man; and I highly recommend looking it up for a quick read on whatever device is convenient during a quiet moment, or better yet drop-in at the library and look the work-up for relaxing armchair reading. It may well give you cause to reflect upon your own humanity.

Considering art; have you been wanting to visit an art museum, but haven’t had the time? Never fear, you can bring the art to your home! Come down to the Library and check out one of our oversized art books. We have a broad selection of famous artists, from the classics to our contemporaries! View some gorgeous impressionist, expressionist, or modernist works and observe the art of the masters: Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Bruegel, or Rubens. You can also take in the beauty of nature with our breathtaking books of world photography.

Best wishes for a great week to come!