NHS Class of 2023

By Chelsea Jewell

Anna Jewell is an 18-year-old senior student at Newberry High School. She currently works as a dishwasher at the Triangle Restaurant. Her future plans include going to Bay College to become a cardiac sonographer so she can help people with heart problems like herself.

Her Newfoundland puppy, Moose, is her best friend. She’s currently working on getting her driver’s license and has already finished driver’s training. Her parents, Susan and Ken Jewell have always cheered her on throughout life. Susan is a Talent Navigator for UP Michigan Works!, and Ken is a Corrections Programs Coordinator at Newberry Correctional Facility.

Anna’s favorite childhood memory is playing with her sister on a camping trip. Anna’s favorite memory of high school was feeling totally carefree while dancing with the band percussion section during a baseball game and her only worry was having a good time with her peers. Outside of school Anna enjoys watching movies with her friends, playing Dungeons and Dragons, attending anime and comic conventions, leading the 4-H Alternative Media Club, and playing with her dog. Her grandmothers are a very important part of her life.

If Anna could give her middle school self advice, it would be: “Work hard and don’t let the opinions of others get to you.” Anna also said that being a senior can be scary at times but can also be very fun, so don’t give up even when times get tough.